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August News

Posted by IGA – April 11, 2012

As the summer begins to wind down, it is time to start getting back into the swing of things. It doesn’t seem like it but a new school year is just around the corner. I hope you have all had a great & safe summer. Here at the gym we are gearing up for a fresh new fall season. Here are a few things we need you to know about…

Summer Gymnastics Camp – Camp is still in session!  August 14th will be our last week to register. We have had a lot of fun this summer but there is still room to sign your kiddos up for this great camp. You must sign-up online by Friday at midnight for the upcoming week.

Annual Registration – Irving Gymnastics Annual Membership Fee will be charged on September 1st with your tuition. Every family will need to pay this fee to ensure your children a place on the roll. The fee is $45 for a family. This will be a separate charge on your account. You will have one charge for your normal tuition and then a charge for $45 for the registration.

Tuition Updates **PLEASE TAKE NOTE** - Beginning with September’s tuition, everyone will need to be on automatic draft. We will no longer be taking cash or check payments in the office. You will have until the 10th of the month to get it cleared up or your child will be dropped from the class. Children cannot attend class if their account is not up to date.


Fall Classes – The new fall schedule will be out soon. We will be adding and changing some days & times of classes so please make sure you check your classes. If you have any questions about it please let me know.

Super Saturday’s are RETURNING:  Join us on Saturday SEPTEMBER 16th from 6-10pm for a Super fun back to school party! We will have a giant slide, face painting, games & crafts. Your kids will not want to miss this evening! We will provide dinner and a fun dessert! Don’t forget to sign-up in the office for this Super Fun night! The cost is $20 for the first child; $15 for the second and $10 for every child after, $25 at the door if you do not sign up in advance.

Preschool Potty Time – Please help the coaches make good use of class time. It is very helpful if you will take your child to the restroom and to get a drink on the way in to class.


Late Arrivals – It is very important that your child/ren be on time to class. The class begins with stretching and a warm-up that is imperative to their muscle development. Without stretching, there is a higher rate of injury. If you are later than 10 minutes you will not be permitted to attend class that night and will need to schedule a make-up.  It is very important for their muscle safety to warm up first.

Gym Attire – We will have a new shipment of leotards in the week of September 1st . If your child needs a new leotard this will be a perfect time to get one.  Leos are $25 and the shorts are $20.  It is our policy that your child comes dressed in a leotard WITHOUT a skirt to class. If you have a boy, he needs to be in his black IGA t-shirt with elastic shorts. If your child does not have an IGA t-shirt please stop by the office to purchase one. They are $15. We have found that for the girls, if you can get their hair in a ponytail, pigtails work the best. If they have short hair then a half ponytail works great to keep those little hairs out of their face. It is very important that the children can see during class and their focus can stay on gymnastics instead of worrying about their hair.


Photographs - We understand it is very exciting to see your child learn a new skill and you want to capture that moment, but please wait until after class to take pictures or praise them. This is due to our safety and security policy. There is absolutely NO flash photography, photography or video-taping allowed during class sessions. There are parents in our program who have specifically requested that their child not be captured in photos and/or videos. In addition, if you wish to take a photo and/or video-tape your child please, speak with their specific coach and arrange a time. Many of our coaches have a second class and may need preparation time, therefor this must be arranged in advance! Furthermore, pictures and/or videos taken in the gym must be of your child ONLY and photos and/or videos containing other children cannot be posted on any social media network. So, please do not photograph and/or video-tape during class going forward. If you choose to not follow our policy you will be removed from our gym.  If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with Mrs. Shelly.

Safety - To keep your child safe during practice please stay in the bleachers and watch from a distance. Please do not try coaching your child and/or communicating with them while practice is in session. This can cause your child to become distracted, loose focus, and possibly get injured. We will not allow interference with our coaching. If you have any questions or concerns please talk to the coach at the appropriate time. Our coaches are all CPR & First Aid certified and each one has received their GAT Safety Certification. Also, if you have small children they ABSOLUTELY MUST stay in the bleachers with you. They cannot for any reason be on the equipment in the gym due to safety reasons, not even the blue mat and short parallel bars. There is a small “toy” box in the office with books, crayons and other things to keep them occupied that they are welcome to use. Just please put the toys back when you are done with them. If you need to leave the gym during your child’s practice, that is perfectly fine, but please be on time when picking them up after class. We’re not babysitters and cannot be responsible for your child after practice has concluded.

If you have any question or concerns please let us know.

Mrs. Shelly & the IGA Staff

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