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Extra January News

Posted by IGA – January 15, 2018

I hope you all are doing well and staying well. Here are a few other important reminders for this month…

• The gym is open tonight for regular classes. I understand the IISD is closed but we will have classes as usual.

• The gym will be closed this Thursday, January 18th for the High School Gymnastics Meet. The make-up class for this night has already taken place.

• When it comes to the winter weather and closings we will follow the IISD when it comes to school closings. Because we are on their campus when they close down the schools we do not have access to the building therefore we will be closed. We will post the closings on our Facebook page – Irvinggymnastics: Our Instagram page – Irvinggymnastics; our website and we will send out emails letting you all know. Please make sure you either like our pages or will check our webpage for current information.

• With all the Sickness and Flu cases going around please make sure you are not bringing your child to class when they are sick. They must be fever free at the very least 24 hours before returning to gym. We would much rather schedule a make-up class than have sick kids in the gym. It’s not good for our staff or other kids in the gym so please be courteous and not bring sick kids to gym. We are doing our very best to help combat the sickness in the gym. The school district has stepped up in their cleaning efforts as well as our staff. Everything gets a thorough mopping, vacuuming, cleaning & bleaching every night. Also please make sure if your kids have had lice they are not brought back to gym unless they have been treated and are lice free.

• We went through 46 pony tail holders last week alone. It is extremely important that your child come to gym with their hair pulled up out of their face. It is strictly a safety issue. There are some of you whose kids need ponytails every week, please just a little preparation on your part the night before will make a huge difference. If you are out and can pick us up a package we always welcome donations.

• Team tryouts are January 27th from 3:00-5:00pm. If your child would like to try out for the team please make sure you have signed them up. The cost to tryout is $25. The class does not guarantee them a spot on the team but it does give them an  idea what is to come if they make team.

Mrs. Shelly

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