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February News

February News

Posted by IGA – February 07, 2018


• TUITION – ALL FAMILIES MUST UPDATE THEIR CARD INFORMATION. If you have not updated the card on your account, please do so ASAP. Your child will be dropped if your tuition is not paid by the 10th of this month. If your student is dropped, there will be at $20 re-enrollment fee and class times are not guaranteed to be the same.

• HOMEWORK – Some of your students may be getting small slips of paper with a week of workouts. These workouts will help your student become strong and will help them learn more skills during class. We encourage you to make it a family routine to do these small daily challenges together. 

• EMAILS – If you have not been getting our emails, please make sure you update your email in the office. Email is the best way to communicate with all of our parents. There will be some big announcements made through email the next few months. If you do not have or utilize email, please see the office.

• SUPER SATURDAY - This month Super Saturday will be February 17th from 6-10pm. Please make sure you sign up in the office if your children plan on attending.  We will be doing an Ice Cream Social, so don’t miss out!! Remember, its $25 for the first child and a $5 discount per each additional child. Invite your friends!!

• CLASS PROCEDURES – When arriving to gym, try to be 5 minutes early to class. Your student will NOT be allowed in class if she is more than 10 minutes late. Please do not allow your students to do gymnastics or climb on any equipment before or after class.  This has become a problem and could be dangerous for the kids.

• NO PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOS – Please remember that we do not allow pictures or videos to be taken during class time. This is not only a policy but a law for the safety of other students. If you wish to capture a new skill your student has learned, you may ask your coach after class, to record it before you leave.

• ROUTINES – We are beginning to teach the Rec kids gymnastics routines. The first part of the year we focused on teaching the kids the skills that will make up their routines. Beginning this month and until the end of May we will be putting those skills together and adding music to complete the routine. In teaching these routines we will focus a lot more on perfecting their specific skills, so you may see the class spending more time on one specific apparatus and you may see your child doing one specific skill repeatedly for the day. Do not be alarmed by this; it is necessary for them to grasp the correct skills before they can go onto other harder skills. We will be doing our End of the Year Showcase in May and will give more details as we get closer.

Mrs. Shelly and the Irving Gymnastics Staff

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