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February News

February News

• PRESIDENTS DAY – The gym will be OPEN on Monday February 17th for Presidents Day.

• SUPER SATURDAY - This month is February 15th from 6-10pm is our Annual Ice Cream Social. Remember, its $25 for the first child and a $5 discount per each additional child. Invite your friends!! Please make sure you sign up online or in the office if your children plan on attending.

• ROUTINES – We are beginning to teach the Rec kids gymnastics routines. The first part of the year we focused on teaching the kids the skills that will make up their routines. Beginning this month and until the end of May we will be putting those skills together and adding music to complete the routine. In teaching these routines we will focus a lot more on perfecting their specific skills, so you may see the class spending more time on one specific apparatus and you may see your child doing one specific skill repeatedly for the day. Do not be alarmed by this; it is necessary for them to grasp the correct skills before they can go onto other harder skills. We will be doing our End of the Year Showcase in May and will give more details as we get closer.

• ADULT DANCE CLASSES – We are excited to announce this month we will begin an Adult Dance class. This hour long class is perfect for beginner dancers who want to experience various dance styles, for intermediate dancers who want to work on perfecting technique and explore creativity, advanced dancers are also welcome! Maybe you have experience, but haven’t danced in a while? Maybe you are looking for a safe and friendly atmosphere to dance? A place to collaborate with other dancers, and grow your creativity? Maybe you are interested in performance opportunities… then this class is ideal!    The instruction in this class will focus on contemporary ballet, jazz, modern dance, yoga movement, core strengthening, cardio work, musicality, and performance quality. Barre combinations, center combinations, original choreography, and professional dance technique are just some of the fun things you will experience in our class. Classes are in our Dance Room on Tuesday & Thursday from 8-9pm and can be added to your account. The first class is FREE so join us!!

• LOOKING AHEAD at Spring Break and our GYM CLOSURES – Spring Break will be a little different this year. We will be OPEN for regular classes March 16-20 which is the normal spring break. We will be hosting 2 gymnastics meets this year for our Competition teams. Hula Fest will be our first meet on March 7-8 and then we will host Level 3 State which will be gyms and kids from all over the State on April 18-19. These events are big in the life of our gym and will require some down time to set up, prepare and then clean up. The gym will be closed for Rec Classes March 4,5 & 6 as well as March 9-10. This is 5 days which will take the place of our normal closing for Spring Break. In April for the State meet we will be closed April 16-20 which is a Thursday – Monday. These classes will need to be made up and once they happen, you can log into our system and scheduled your make-up classes accordingly.

• Spring Break Camp – We will be hosting spring break camp this year beginning on Monday, March 11- Friday, March 15th. Camp will be from 7:30-5:30pm and you can sign up online through your account under “Camp” or through the front office.

• CLASS PROCEDURES – When arriving to gym, try to be 5 minutes early to class. Your student will NOT be allowed in class if they are more than 10 minutes late. Please do not allow your students to do gymnastics or climb on any equipment before or after class.  This has become a problem and could be dangerous for the kids.

• SICK CHILDREN – Please DO NOT send your children who are exhibiting any of the following signs of illness to practice or competitions:
• Fever. Any temperature of 100.1° Fahrenheit or higher is considered a fever. Not only are fevers a sign of some sort of infection, it also usually means that they are shedding germs right and left. There’s just no way you can know whether things will get better or worse — and while giving them medicine might bring the fever down, it won’t stop them from being contagious.
• Vomiting or diarrhea. Some viruses, such as norovirus, can be contagious for an extra day or so. Please do not be the parent responsible for an outbreak at the gym.
• Bad pain. If your child has a sore knee or a mild headache but is otherwise acting okay, it’s likely fine to give some medicine and send them off. But if the pain is anything more than mild, don’t do it. Pain is always something you want to keep an eye on. Keep them home and call your doctor instead.
• Coughing that won’t stop — or anything different about your child’s breathing. A really bad cough not only makes it hard for a child to participate, it also warrants a call to the doctor, as does breathing that sounds or looks different from usual.
• Children should be symptom-free for 24 hours before coming back to class or participating in a competition. Should your child demonstrate any of these symptoms in the gym or at a competition, Irving Gymnastics Coaches reserve the right to prevent your child from participation and send your child home for the safety of your child.

INCLIMATE WEATHER – With the way the weather in Texas is, it can be sunny one day and snowing the next. Unless otherwise noted we will be open at all times. If we do have to close I will send out an email, it will be posted on our Facebook/Instagram page as well as our website. If you have any questions about whether we are open or not on crazy weather days, please check there first. If there is nothing posted then assume we’re open.

For more information about programs or schedules at IGA, call us at 972-251-5555.