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Gymnastics closing until April 6th

Gymnastics closing until April 6th

Good Evening Parents,

I know this past week has been full of confusion and uncertainty for many of you, as it has been here at gym. There is so much information that changes so fast it’s hard to know what is right or how to plan for tomorrow. I thank you for your patience and support as we have continued to navigate through this crazy virus. I have been working on this issue around the clock and doing my best to keep up with the latest numerous government agencies, the CDC as well as the school districts, all in an effort to make the most sound decisions for our families and my employees. I would be lying to you if I told you I had not shed an abundance of tears over this issue. I would be foolish to think it is just affecting us, I can only imagine it’s just as trying for your family as well. I appreciate you all more than you know and thank you for working through this with us.

Irving Gymnastics’ will be suspending all normal operations beginning Tuesday, March 17th and we plan to resume all normal classes Monday, April 6th.

Given this unique circumstance, our normal make-up policy has been suspended and we will open up our make-ups with full approval to allow you all to use them anytime as you wish.

Auto payments will process on April 1st as we will begin a full schedule of classes on Monday, April 6th. I appreciate you allowing this to happen and hope that you will not choose to drop your children from our program completely. I hope to still be able to pay our amazing staff as well as our building expenses that will not change during this shut down. I understand we are not the only ones in this position and hope that you will stick with us through this craziness so that we can get back to some normalcy when this all passes.

I have been the Director of Irving Gymnastics for the last 18 years and this was by far the hardest email I have had to write to date.  Please know that I am praying for you all as we enter into this uncharted territory. With your support we will be able to continue making a difference in the lives of your children.

Mrs. Shelly & the Irving Gymnastics Staff

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