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July Gym News

July Gym News

It is our Anniversary – Monday is our 3rd anniversary in our new gym, and we are celebrating you. We are so grateful for you all and love that you allow our staff to share our love of gymnastics with your children.  We will have cookies and punch all next week for you to enjoy. Stop by the concession desk and pick up a cookie and enjoy some lemonade. We will be offering 30% off our Ninja Shirts, making them $17, our leotards will be buy one get one half off and our Bag and water bottle combos will be $7. Stop by the desk and pick up a few items as they will only be on sale Monday, July 19th – 24th.

Annual Membership Fee - Our Annual Membership Fee of $50 will be charged on the 1st of the month you enrolled along with your monthly tuition. You will see 2 charges on your account when this happens; one will be your regular tuition and the other will be your membership fee.  If you need to know when your annual membership will be charged, please log in to your Parent Portal or stop by the desk and we will be able to look at your account and let you know. Charges will begin August 1st for all those who joined last August.

Make-up Classes – Anytime your child is absent you will be issued a make-up token. Please know our classes are super full so there may not be an available class for you to attend right away. These do not expire so you can use them at any time. You can schedule make-up classes through your parent portal or stop by the desk and we can schedule one for you. Once you come in for a Make-up class you will need to stop by the desk and pick up a “GREEN” slip to take to your child’s coach. You will not be allowed in class without a slip.

Social Media - To help with updates and gym activities we have created an “Irving Gymnastics” Facebook & Instagram page.  Please search and “like” us so you can be kept in the loop with things.  If you do not have Facebook please check the “News” page of our website for closings and updates:

Late Arrivals – We have been seeing more and more late arrivals to class. We strongly encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your gymnast’s class. This will allow plenty of time for them to come inside and use the restroom if needed and get ready for class to start. Each class begins with stretching and a warm-up that is imperative to their muscle development. Without stretching there is a higher rate of injury. It is important for their muscle safety to warm up first. Not only this, but it is disruptive to the rest of the class if you arrive late.  We want your child to get the most out of each class and the first step in accomplishing this is arriving on time.  We also know things happen and there are occasions when you are running behind.  We allow a child a 10-minute window to enter class.  If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please schedule a makeup class through your online portal or stop by the desk and Daisy or Jena will be glad to assist you. 

Potty Time – Please help the coaches make good use of class time and take your child to the restroom before class starts.

New Classes – Here are the current new classes available:
Girls Rec Classes 4:00pm Tuesday – Friday
Girls Rec Classes – 5:00 & 6:00pm Friday
Boys Jr. Ninja Class – 4:00pm Tuesday

Irving Gym T-shirts – The new order of Irving Gymnastics T-shirts are in. The adult t-shirts will be $20 and youth shirts are $15. We have a limited supply so get yours before they are gone.

Ponytail Holders – It is our policy is that your children need to have their hair pulled back out of their face while doing class as it can be a safety hazard.  We understand that this can sometimes be overlooked and have extras on hand for those that need them. Because of this we typically go through about 100 ponytail holders a month. If you happen to be out and see some, we would love any donations we can get.

Dance Classes to begin in August – We are super excited to have our dance classes returning this fall. Coach Becka who is currently coaching on our preschool department will be our new Dance Director come August. Classes will be on Monday & Friday nights to start and as they grow so will the days.
Monday Schedule                                                                           Friday Schedule
5:00pm – Ballet/Tap Combo Class 3-4years                                    4:00pm – Ballet/Tap Combo Class 3-4years
6:00pm – Ballet/Tap Combo Class 5-7                                             5:00pm – Ballet/Tap Combo Class 5-7
7:00pm – Hip-hop/Jazz Combo Class 8 and up                               6:00pm – Hip-hop/Jazz Combo Class 8 and up

Gold over America Tickets – The GOLD OVER AMERICA TOUR starring SIMONE BILES is a celebration of powerful female athletes who, together, are a united force proudly representing the sport of women’s gymnastics and inspiring the next generation of female athletes. Biles and an all-star team of gymnasts featuring Jordan Chiles, MyKayla Skinner, Laurie Hernandez, Katelyn Ohashi, Peng Peng Lee, Danusia Francis, and Morgan Hurd among others will be coming to Dickies arena Saturday, October 9th to celebrate world-class gymnastics in the afterglow of the world’s preeminent international competition. I am getting a block of tickets that you all can purchase from us. The tickets for our price range from 45.50 a ticket up to $183.50. Please see me about getting on the list to get these tickets. This will be the LAST time your children will get to see Simone preform as well as most of the other gymnast as they will be retiring from the sport. Let me know if you have any questions.

Tuition Adjustment – Beginning with Septembers Tuition we will have our first tuition adjustment for the Rec Program since we have been in our new facility. This last year dealing with everything that Covid has brought has definitely affected our business.  I have done my best to keep our staff paid and our doors opened to be able to provide a safe and fun place for your children to go and learn. We are only back up to about 50% of the enrollment we had before covid and unfortunately all our bills are back to 100%. I am working to get more staff in and trained so we can increase our classes but finding people who want to work right now has been extremely tough. I hope this small increase will not affect any of you and you all will still allow us to pour into your children. Gymnastics is so much more than just flipping and tumbling. The life skills that we are teaching your children will stay with them forever. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know. The new schedule will be sent out on Wednesday.

Parent Coaching – Please let our staff do the coaching of your children. The relationship our staff builds with your children is so important to their safety as well as their development during class. I know it can be hard to sit and watch your child not do the exact thing the coach said to do but this is how they learn. It is super frustrating as a coach for the parents to continue to interject while we are working with your children. You are paying us to coach, please let us do our jobs and sit quietly and watch your children learn. If u feel the need to continue to coach your child, you are more than welcomed to apply for a coaching position!

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Mrs. Shelly

For more information about programs or schedules at IGA, call us at 972-251-5555.