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March Gym News

March Gym News

Posted by IGA – February 28, 2018

March Tuition will process on the Thursday, March 1st – We now have the ECheck system set up so if you have a checking account you want to put on file to process your payments from we can now accommodate that. Just get us the information.

Super Saturday – will be March 17th this month and with a St. Patrick’s Theme so don’t forget to wear your green! Sign-up in the office so we know you’re coming. $25 for the 1st child, $20 for the 2nd child, $15 for the 3rd. Dinner and Dessert included

Spring Break – IGA WILL BE OPEN THE WEEK OF SPRING BREAK. We will be holding regular class schedules so please plan accordingly. Remember, make ups are not required nor are they promised due to class room availability. Classes are filling up which means makeup classes are not always available.

Hair – Please make sure your child has their hair pulled back out of their face when they come to gymnastics. Pigtails seem to work best to keep all the little hairs out of their face. It is a big safety hazard not to have their hair pulled out of their face. I realize some of you come straight from work but please try to get their hair pulled up. I do keep a stock of ponytail holders in the office for those emergencies but please be mindful because we are going through about 75 a month. 

Food and Water – Students should bring a bottle of water with them to gymnastics. Please do not let your students drink soda or sugary drinks before or during class. This can cause a bad stomach ache and muscle cramps during and after their class. Be sure to give them a light, healthy snack before coming to gym. This reduces student’s headaches and helps boost their energy during class.

Picking-up – Please make sure if you drop your child off for gymnastics that you are here to pick them up as soon as the class is over. We have had recently some children here up to 20 minutes after their class has finished. We CANNOT be responsible for your child once the class is over because the next classes begin immediately. There will be a late fee of $15 dollars added to your account if you are more than 15 minutes late. If your child is left more than 25 minutes after class, we will be required to call the Irving Police Department. Note: Preschool parents are required to stay during class in case of bathroom breaks or other emergencies.

SPRING SHOWCASE!- Spring is almost here and we are so excited for all that we have planned for the rest of the semester up until our Spring Showcase, which is planned for Saturday, May 26th. Stay tuned for more details about our “Candy Land” themed program, which shows off the skills your gymnast(s) has been working on. 

Summer Camp – We are excited to start preparing for Summer Camp starting June 4th. This year we will be having a new theme each week. Themes will include: Space, Throwback, Parkour & Pedicures, Science Week, Superhero and many more fun themes. Each week, kids will participate in gymnastics, arts and crafts, culinary and much much more. For more information, please email our summer camp director, Laurel Dees at

Mrs. Shelly & the IGA Staff

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