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October Gym News

October Gym News

Fall has finally arrived! This is my favorite season of the year! The weather cools down, the leaves begin to fall, and Christmas is only 2 months away!  Our fall session is underway and we have been blessed with the addition of new children and families this year. Here is what is going on…


Columbus Day – The gym will be open for regular classes Monday, October 12th.


New Classes – We are growing and our classes are expanding. Here is a list of the new classes we now have to offer. If you would like to add or move into one of theses classes please let me know.

NINJA CLASSES – Tuesdays – 5:20pm Lil Ninjas & 6:30pm Jr. Ninjas

HOTSHOTS – Wednesdays – 5:00pm & 6:20pm

PRESCHOOL – Thursdays – 5:00 & 6:20pm

ADULT – Tuesdays – 8:00pm & Sundays 6:00pm


Entering & Parking – Going forward please make sure you are entering through the front doors and you are using hand sanitizer when you enter our facility. If you are sitting in the bleacher make sure you are 6 feet apart from the people sitting next to you. When parking please make sure you are parked in a parking spot and then bring your kids into the gym Please DO NOT stop by the back door, leave your car running/or off and then bring your child in. My Management company called today due to several complaints of our customers blocking the driveway and we absolutely cannot have that. Park and bring your kids in through the FRONT door!


Parent Coaching – Please leave the coaching to the coaches. It is very confusing for the kids when the coaches are giving directions and then the parents try to coach and tell them something different. Its very important for the coaches to build that trust with the kids. Just sit back and enjoy the class and leave the coaching to us!


Classes Tardiness – I cannot express to you all enough the importance of getting your child to class on time. In the first 10 minutes of class they do their warm-ups & stretching which is vital to their safety in class. Their muscles must be stretched and warmed up before class or the injury rate doubles. We have a 10 minute window for your child to get into class before we have to reschedule their class. I understand there can be traffic, wet roads, and construction but a little preplanning on your part goes along way. If you know your going to be late just call and we can reschedule.


Make-up Classes – If your child has to miss their day of gymnastics they can do a make-up day as long as it is scheduled through your account in our parent portal. DO NOT just bring your kids to another class without scheduling it through the portal first as they will not be allowed to participate.


Leotards - All girls need to wear leotards to gym class. They can be biketards which are leotards with the shorts attached. We do not allow sports bras to be worn by themselves. Their hair must be pulled back in a ponytail so that their hair is out of their face. No jewelry is allowed for safety reasons of the gymnast and their coach.


Videoing/Photos – Just a heads up you may see Coach Kietsten our (Preschool/Hotshots Director) around the gym in the coming months taking videos or pictures. We are working on some social media campaigns for our website and our Facebook & Instagram accounts.


Looking Ahead at November - The gym will be closed Monday, November 23rd  – November 27th  for the Thanksgiving Holiday.


If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.
Mrs. Shelly & the IGA Staff

For more information about programs or schedules at IGA, call us at 972-251-5555.