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We understand it is very exciting to see your child learn a new skill and you want to capture that moment, but please wait until after class to take pictures or praise them. This is due to our safety and security policy. There is absolutely NO flash photography, photography or video-taping allowed during class sessions. There are parents in our program who have specifically requested that their child not be captured in photos and/or videos. In addition, if you wish to take a photo and/or video-tape your child please speak with their specific coach and arrange a time, because many of our coaches have a second class and may need preparation time. This must be arranged in advance! Furthermore, pictures and/or videos taken in the gym must be of your child ONLY and photos and/or videos containing other children cannot be posted on any social media network. So, please do not photograph and/or video-tape during class going forward if you choose to not follow our policy you will be removed from our gym.  If you have any questions or concerns please speak with Mrs. Shelly. 

For more information about programs or schedules at IGA, call us at 972-251-5555.