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To keep your child safe during practice please stay in the bleachers and watch from a distance. Please do not try coaching your child and/or communicating with them while practice is in session. This can cause your child to become distracted, loose focus, and possibly get injured. We will not allow interference with our coaching. If you have any questions or concerns please talk to the coach at the appropriate time. Our coaches are all CPR & First Aid certified and each one has received their GAT Safety Certification. Also, if you have small children they ABSOUTELY MUST stay in the bleachers with you. They cannot for any reason be on the equipment in the gym due to safety reasons. There is a small “toy” box in the office with books, crayons and other things to keep them occupied that you all are welcomed to. Just please put the toys back when you are done with them. If you need to leave the gym during your child’s practice, that is perfectly fine, but please be on time when picking them up after class. We’re not babysitters and cannot be responsible for your child after practice has concluded. 

For more information about programs or schedules at IGA, call us at 972-251-5555.