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Current Updates


I just want to first say a huge “thank you” to you all for your love and support during this difficult time. I have always known that our Irving Gymnastics family is truly the best! I just wanted to go over some cleaning measures and some updated Policy and Procedures to help answer some of the many questions I get.

As you can imagine our #1 priority is the health and safety of our kids.  I have always had a very strict cleaning regimen that our staff as well as our cleaning company follows. Everything in our facility has always been cleaned and disinfected every night even prior to Covid. When I built the gym, we installed specific purifiers in our Air Condition system that sucks the air in cleans it, purifies it, takes the moisture and chalk out of the air, and then send fresh air back out. This has absolutely been beneficial in keeping the gym clean and from smelling like feet!  I have changed all our cleaning products over to Young Living. These products are essential oil based, non-toxic, biodegradable, and plant based so that they are safe for our kids to be around. Our water fountain is still off for drinking, but the water filler does work to fill up the kid's water bottles.  The water fountain filter gets changed every 2000 gallons even though the manufactures label says to change every 3000 gallons. I know the light stays red which would normally mean it needs to be changed but trust me it is good. It was ordered very early on in our build process and by the time we installed it the light sensor didn’t work, and we had it too long to be able to send it back, so it just always stays on red. 

 I am a firm believer in high-fives, hugs, and happy smiles. I will not mandate our staff to be hands off, masked spectators in your child’s training.  Safe coaching requires clear verbal instruction, physical correction/spotting, and emotional engagement.  

 - If your child runs up to hug a staff member…we will hug them back.

 - If your child needs a high-five after a great accomplishment….we will give high-fives.

 - If your child needs to be spotted on a skill….we will physically assist them.

We will not discourage children from being children within the walls of our facility.

Please help us stay open and safe by following some simple guidelines to limit foot traffic and illness spreading at the gym:

  • *If you can please continue to drop off your older students (ages 6 & up) 

  • *If you do come into the gym, please limit spectators to one family member per child (if possible)

  • *Please do not come in the gym if you are sick or have been exposed to illness

  • *Please keep your child home if they demonstrate any type of illness including: Fever, Cold or Flu Symptoms, Running Nose, Cough – We do offer non-expiring  make-up classes if your child has to miss so please do not worry about losing your gymnastics time.

Any athlete who has symptoms of Covid-19 should remain home until they have been cleared by a doctor or until the 14-day isolation period has passed

Masks are permitted if your family wants to wear them.  If your child must wear a mask during class, please understand that their participation might be limited for their safety. 

If you or your child doesn’t wear a mask, we will assume that you are not required or able to per the many exemptions listed in GA-29 Executive Order, we WILL NOT question your decision AT ALL.  Additionally, children 10 and younger are NOT required to wear masks per GA-29.

We extend this respect of personal choice to everyone entering our facility, including our staff, as we cannot fully know the medical history, trauma, current medication, and needs of each individual person that enters our facility, nor is it our business to violate their personal rights to ask them personal medical questions or enforce medical mandates. We do take the temperature of all our staff and gymnast for general purposes but we do not record it as it would violate the HIPPA laws.

We understand that not every family will be comfortable with how we are operating at this time.  Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with our operating procedures or highly concerned about coronavirus, we recommend your family postpone returning to classes until the virus is better controlled.

If you have any questions, I am always available to talk to. I am currently coaching full-time so after class would be best so I’m not taking time away from your children. I cannot tell you all enough how grateful we are that you have entrusted us with your children. It is not something we take lightly but we truly love what we do and are so excited to be able to share our passion of gymnastics with your children.

Mrs. Shelly

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