Gym Policies & Procedures

ANNUAL FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: Irving Gymnastics has open enrollment meaning you can enroll and withdraw any time during the year. Membership is due at the time of enrollment and will be billed annually on your anniversary month thereafter. Membership will be $50 per family, per calendar year. This fee covers administrative cost as well as a secondary insurance for the year.  Membership is good for 12 consecutive months, even if you withdraw during your enrollment year.

FAMILY ACCOUNT: Each family is required to hold one account with the online program located on the Irving Gymnastics website. The family account includes immediate family only and does not extend beyond the household/guardianship. Extended family members such as cousins, must have their own account. Parents/Guardians are required to update their account as phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contact information changes. An active credit-card is required on file for each account.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAM: Irving Gymnastics is a year-round program based on 48 weeks with a monthly tuition averaging four weeks per month. (If there are five weeks in a month, tuition is not increased. If there are three weeks in a month, credit is not given.)

TUITION: Everyone is required to be enrolled in our automatic tuition draft which will be auto drafted out of your account on the 1st of every month. Should you stop classes before this time, the money is non-refundable. Monthly tuition is the same, regardless of whether there are 3, 4 or 5 classes in a month; prices are based on the number of classes offered annually. Missed classes cannot be deducted from tuition.  If your account is not paid by the 5th of the month your child’s spot will be forfeited and he/she will not be able to return until the account is current. There is a $25 charge on returned checks and a $15 re-enrollment fee if your student is dropped.

REFUNDS: Irving Gymnastics does not offer credits or refunds once payment has been made, except for long-term injuries/illnesses verified by a doctor.

MAKE-UP CLASSES: Once you have missed a class you will be sent an email to schedule a make-up class. It is your responsibility to get the class/classes scheduled.  If you miss the scheduled makeup class, you will NOT receive another token. Make-up classes expire 30 days upon issuance. Tokens for planned absences will not be issued prior to the absence and a make-up class cannot be made prior to the absence. To use make-up tokens, the child must be actively enrolled in our program.

DROPPING CLASSES: To drop a class parents/guardians must request the drop via the parent portal online on or before the first of the month. Remember, we do not offer refunds after your tuition has been charged. A conversation with coaches, desk staff and owner do not constitute a binding change. Utilizing the parent portal, parents/guardians have a paper trail for your records.

TRIAL CLASSES: Irving Gymnastics offers one free trail class based on availability to see how your child does in our program. This class has no obligation so if you feel our program is not for your child there is no cost associated. Only one trial class per child, per program is granted.

CLASS GUIDELINES: There must be a minimum of four active students, or the class will be discontinued, and the students transferred to another class which could mean they have a different coach. If there are not enough to fill one class (i.e., beginner & intermediate) will be combined. All class schedules are subject to change, and classes may be added or dropped as necessary. We understand that it may take time for your child to get adjusted to class. While we will do our best to get your child adjusted to our program your child must be able to stay in a class without any parent participation

• Girls must wear a leotard or a biketard, no two pieces or skirts attached allow the best instruction possible. Leotards are available in our Pro Shop for as low as $26.00 but can be found at major stores and Amazon. No T-Shirts may be worn over leotards. Please remove all jewelry as it can be dangerous to the students and instructors. Hair should be tied back in a secure ponytail, braids, or bun prior to every class. We highly encourage the use of good hygiene, including cleanliness and the use of deodorant as well as fingernails & toenails must be kept clean and trimmed for the safety of our gymnast & coaching staff.
• Boys must wear shorts (without buckles, snaps, or zippers) and a Ninja t-shirt that can be purchased in the office for $20.
• All gymnasts will go barefoot.

GYM CLOSURES: We will be closed 4 weeks out of the year; Spring Break (Irving ISD), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Additional gym closure days include: Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day and for gymnastics competitions we host throughout the season. There are no make-ups given for listed holidays nor do we pro-rate tuition for these months. Our calendar year is based on a 48-week year with 4 classes per month. We do not charge extra when there are 5 classes per month. Any anticipated closure dates will be sent via email, posted on our website/social media, and will be posted on the screens located throughout the gym. Emergency closure information will be texted and emailed to the accounts on-file.

MEDICAL RELEASE INFORMATION: Parents/Guardians must notify the gym and the coach of any health risks, allergies, or physical complaints my child/ren has currently or may incur and/or any situation(s) they may reasonably need to know about. Parents/guardians must fill out the health information section on the enrollment form and keep/verify all information is correct and current.

ILLNESS: Children must be free of fever, without the aid of medication, for a minimum of 24 hours before participation in class. As with any children's program, keeping the children and staff healthy keeps us all happy! If your child has been sick in the past 24 hours, please do not bring him/her to the gym. If your child has had a fever, yellow-greenish mucus from his/her nose, vomited or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours, then they need to stay away from other children. Please do not bring sick siblings into the gym. If they are home sick from school than they should not be brought into the gym, even just to observe in the lobby. If a child or family member tests positive for Covid-19, please adhere to current CDC guidelines.

LATE POLICY: It is important that students be on time for class.  We understand that sometimes circumstances occur that cause you to be late.  Missing the beginning of class students will miss instruction for class and the physical preparation warm-ups provide.  TARDINESS is not safe physically and is also disruptive to class.  Those students who are more than 10 minutes late for class will be issued a make-up token, via the email on file at the conclusion of the missed class.

DROP-OFF & PICK-UP: Irving Gymnastics is committed to the safety of our children. Parents/guardians are responsible for making sure their child is on time for class and for picking them up on time after class. Parents/Students are required to sign-in via the iPad kiosks. Parents that choose to let their children enter and exit the gym unattended do so at their own risk. Please ensure your child has signed in and made it to class before choosing to leave. Children in our preschool program may not be left without a guardian. Please call if there is an emergency. Any student left unattended more than 15 minutes before or after class will be charged an additional fee of $25 per 15 minutes. The Irving Police Dept. will be called for any student left after 30 minutes.

WEATHER DAYS: Please always check our “Irving Gymnastics” Facebook/Instagram pages for weather closure information. Apart from spring break, Irving Gymnastics does not follow the IISD school closings. Make-up tokens for weather closures will be given at our discretion.

GYM FLOOR: No students or parents are allowed on the gym floor if you not in a class. There will be no tumbling or horseplay in the entrance or in the waiting area. Parents can sit in the bleachers to watch their children but please do not interrupt the classes. Our staff are trained and do not need any help coaching from the bleachers. If this becomes a problem, you will be asked to leave. If you have small children, please make sure they are not a disturbance to the classes. No food will be allowed in any of the apparatus areas. Gymnasts are required to bring WATER ONLY in a non-spill water bottle.

BEHAVIOR: Good behavior must be always used. Children displaying disorderly conduct before or during class will be asked to sit out of the class. In the extreme case that a preschool child is shy or frightened, please communicate with his/her coach to find a solution. If a child become a distraction to the other children in their class, they will be removed from the program until they can participate accordingly.

FACILITY USE: Irving Gymnastics is a family environment that extends to not only our gymnastics experience, but also to the facility and pro shop. Couches, bleachers, chairs, stools are provided for your comfort. Please sit on couches as intended by the manufacturer. However, without your help to keep these areas clean, we cannot continue to have a welcoming and safe environment for all our families. If your child makes a mess, please clean it up and let the staff know if you require assistance. Keep an eye on your child in our Pro Shop. We make every effort to stock items that are appealing to you and your child offered at an affordable price. Please be aware of if your child would like to purchase an item. If there is an issue of cleanliness with the restrooms, please let us know. Without collective partnership, the Irving Gymnastics gym cannot continue to be a place of family and pride for years to come. 

COMMUNICATION: Email is our first line of communication. Any information you all get form us is important and needs to be read. Please make sure you have a current email on file so you will not miss any important information. We keep the “News” section on our website and Facebook/Instagram page up to date as well. Please make sure to check it often; it will have information on closings, clinics, special events and programs. You can always email us at with the gym any comments, questions or concerns and your email will be answered as soon as possible.

POLICY CHANGES: Irving Gymnastics reserves the right to make policy changes, fee and schedule revisions providing proper 30-day notice.

PHOTOS: Irving Gymnastics has permission to use photos taken of my child during activities at the gym or off location events and use them for publications, brochures, and public relation efforts, as well as social media including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our company website. You can take photos of your gymnast during class but please try to just get your gymnast. If you post those photos to your social media, we ask that you tag “Irving Gymnastics” in the pictures.

For more information about programs or schedules at Irving Gymnastics, call us at 972-251-5555.